Industrial Photography

Many corporations need a capabilities brochure or page on their website. Clients want to know what kind of machines are available to make their products or parts. They want to know if there are enough employees on staff with the skills needed to produce those products or parts. Many industrial photo shoots are combined with video shoots, pictures of the building, executive headshots or employee group photos.

Los Angeles Food Photographer

Great food photography makes your mouth water just looking at the picture. The image looks so real that you want to grab the food off the page and eat it! But great food photography isn't just beautiful, it also sells products. Many people make buying decisions in the grocery store and at the restaurant based on what the picture looks like. That's why my clients hire me. I make pictures that sell.

Portraits in Marketing

Lifestyle Advertising Photography

There are many types of models that can find regular, good paying work. Imagine every photograph of a person you have seen in a magazine advertisement or on a billboard, and you will get an idea of how broad the field is. There are hand models, foot models, child models, torso models, plus size models, senior citizen models, bad teeth models, and of course, the beautiful people.

Architectural Photography

Buildings, interiors and exteriors

Architectural photography for construction companies, architects, interior designers and corporations.

Products large and small

Product Photography

Photographs and videos are often needed to sell products to customers, as words do not communicate quickly enough to capture the customer's attention. Small products like cosmetics, body works, jewelry, perfume and small consumer electronics benefit from a closeup or macro lens in their photography. Large products like cars, machines, furniture and airplanes often cannot be brought to the photography studio, and must be photographed on location. Finding the right setting for outdoor product photography is difficult, as uncluttered backgrounds are not easy to find out of doors.