Nescafe Dulce Gusto Coffee Maker creates many flavors, chocolate being my favorite.

I spent two days shooting stills on a 75 person commercial shoot for Nescafe Dulce Gusto coffee makers staring Mario Lopez, TV talk show host and former heart throb from the TV show “Saved By the Bell”. We had 3 food stylists and an art director supervising every cup of coffee. There were Directors, sound guys, Gaffers, Lighting Directors, and Videographers everywhere, and my job was to capture the stills for the social media and advertising campaigns. They must have liked my work, as Nescafe was using my images all over the USA on FaceBook advertising the following month. The hired me for a third day about two months later to photograph little or unknown actors and actresses in a 4.3 million dollar Laguna Beach home on a cliff over the ocean. I owe some my my best drink portfolio images to the many art directors and food stylists creating ever peach slice and every chocolate chunk exactly perfectly.

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