Beef Stew and Chicken

Los Angeles Food Photographer – Food photography for packaging, restaurant menus, advertising and websites.

LA Food Photographer Dennis Davis captures dazzling images of mouth-watering taste treats. Davis shot his first cookbook cover 41 years ago, and now he is best known for food packaging and restaurant menus.

Davis' style is to define and shape the food with light, leaving mysterious shadows to fall where they may. “Shadow and darkness are just as important to a good food photograph as light” says Ray. “I love rim light, coming in from behind to outline the most important food on the plate, then grabbing that light and reflecting it back into the front of the item, giving it detail.

Great food photography makes your mouth water just looking at the picture. The image looks so real that you want to grab the food off the page and eat it! But great food photography isn't just beautiful, it also sells products. Many people make buying decisions in the grocery store and at the restaurant based on what the picture looks like.

That's why our clients hire us, we make pictures that sell.

Food photography is considered the most difficult photographic discipline, but we love it because it is so creative. Sometimes the photographer has just seconds to capture a steaming hot or freezing cold dish before it dies on the table.

We have seen food stylists take two hours preparing a single dish, only to have it fall apart after just getting off three or four shots. That is why we always use a stand-in dish that looks similar to the "hero" real thing. Welight the stand-in with the props; show the client the image with the stand-in on my computer screen, so that when the real thing is set on the table the shot is already perfect.

Our national clients use Davis like a movie director,  assembling a team to work on the pictures that could include food stylists, location scouts, prop stylists, photographer's assistants and digital retouching experts.

Our editorial and smaller clients sometime just work with Davis alone, with the client cooking and Dennis doing the food styling and propping. We work both scenarios, having worked with so many food stylists that we know most of the tricks of the trade.


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