About Us

Dennis Ray Davis (Modesto, California 1057) has had a photography business in Long Beach, CA since 2003. He got his start in professional photography 42 years ago, and has not looked back.


Our Approach

Dennis Davis grew up in Modesto, California and spent time every summer of his teenage years photographing Yosemite National Park with his Kodak Brownie camera. At age 19 he was asked to help create a slide show to promote a summer camp in Yosemite, and was loaned a Nikon camera for the shoot. This project confirmed his love affair with photography, and two years later he was able to obtain his own 35mm camera system. He would read books on photography at night, and experiment during the day, shooting people, flowers and still life. Three months after getting his first 35mm camera, several of his images were used for a brochure, launching his start in commercial photography.
Mr. Davis opened his first photography studio in Columbus, Georgia, and soon was asked to shoot an 80 page catalog for a camping and military supply store. The following year he was asked to shoot an expanded version of the catalog, which helped finance his move to Denver, Colorado where he live for 12 years where he photographed for King Soopers grocery stores and other commercial clients. He has worked in Los Angeles since the late 1990s.